A Little About Lulu Dog Store

Founded by a couple of pet-lovers Ann and Jay. Lulu Dog Store is an online boutique that offers dog clothes, leash, harnesses, collars, grooming supplies, toys, and other accessories. It’s basically a one-stop shop for all the dog lovers.


Lulu Dog Store is named after our favorite dog Lulu. Lulu is a very special and beautiful dog. She doesn't really like to hang out with other dogs and she always thinks she is like a human more than a dog. Lulu loves to eat, I mean she LOVES to eat. Every time when we have dinner, she will sit next to us patiently and waiting for someone to feed her. Her cute and innocent look always trick us to give her food! and then she will walk around...


We love Lulu and we know how much pet owners love their dogs. luludogstore.com is a dog shop that you can find high quality and cool dog products for your lovely pet. We have a great selections of dog accessories, dog clothes, dog house and bed and dog toys.


We want you to spoil your dog just like how we spoil Lulu. They deserve your unconditional love because you know they love you as much as you too too. Shop today to find a great gift for your dog!


Free feel to contact info@luludogstore.com for any questions or inquires.

Thank you!

Lulu Dog Store